Born Under a Bad Sign

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A bit of a pet-peeve for me is the fatalistic fortune teller. Yes some card readings can speak of difficult times. Yes some charts tell a story of pain, loss and/confinement. Never the less telling someone or even worse believing for yourself that things are hopeless is pointless and damaging. Using astrology to maneuver each of our complexities seems much more pragmatic.

Every child is born with gifts/challenges. A baby is born with a metaphorical key. This key opens doors of learning and leadership. Another child comes into the world with an intellect, she is readily seem as a mental giant. Then we find a child born with a magnificent great sword that he must carry everywhere he goes. The sword scares other people, he cuts himself and always feels tired from the weight of the sword. But the child grows strong, the child understands pain and alienation. The child is a survivor who can teach us all something of strength.

Vincent Van Gogh -

A chart can indicate delusional tendencies, hypersensitivity and abandonment among countless other challenges. But these factors are exactly what speak of one’s character, heroes evolve from challenges not from ease in circumstance. We all admire those who have overcome, those who have faced the darkness only to shine.

When facing a difficult tarot spread, when looking onto a conflicted chart I get excited and hurt. Yes it is difficult for me to sever myself from the experience of the other I read for, that is in my challenging chart! The challenge is the meat of the personal evolution. An aspect of personal evolution that can be offered to others in their challenging endeavors. We may not always be delusional but when we become delusional we may need the assistance of someone who has experienced and mastered becoming disillusioned. When we hurt, we need someone who has lived with pain. If your smart you don’t go to the hairdresser with ruined hair or the landscaper with a terrible garden. We look for examples of strength, strength had through experience and challenge.

So when you had me some bull poop about an awful chart or chard reading I hand you back fertilizer, from here we grow.

John Everett Millais, Ophelia, 1852

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