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A bit of a pet-peeve for me is the fatalistic fortune teller. Yes, some card readings can speak of difficult times. Yes, some charts tell a story of pain, loss and confinement. None the less, telling someone or even worse believing for yourself that things are hopeless is pointless and damaging. Using astrology and tarot to maneuver each of our complexities seems much more pragmatic. To gain insight into our challenges and use them as resources, as we map out the course of our personal evolution.

Every child is born with gifts/challenges. A person is born with a karmic path. This path states what experiences will attract and resonate with the individual. Some will attract adversity that feels and seems beyond comprehension in pain and suffering. While others seem to skate by unencumbered. Yet the hero emerges through that which must be overcome. Strength is claimed through challenge, Nuanced intelligence is is exercised in complex problem solving. And courage is understood when faced with fear. Compassion can be learned through our own suffering. Maybe this is quixotic, but I prefer that to the fatalistic. The polarity of strife is much more effective in making peace with the challenge.

John Everett Millais, Ophelia, 1852

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