Tarot Readings

The objective with a tarot reading is not to tell the future but for greater self-awareness, empowerment and perspective. A tarot reading can help you feel ready for what comes next, provide clarity into what has already occurred, and most of all, appreciation for what is happening right now!

Full 12 Card Reading

An in-depth reading about a current situation, how the situation came to be and how it is evolving. This reading also includes possible blind spots or meditations to consider.

Time for this reading varies but averages about 45 minutes.

3 Card Reading

A brief reading and a sampling of what is in the 12 card reading. The three cards tell about you and the energies, people or forces surrounding you. Where you are right now!

Approximately 20 minutes

4 Card Relationship Reading

This reading will help give perspective on you and one other person. It can be anyone from a family member, a business associate or a romantic partner.

Approximately 20-25 minutes

Additional information

  • More cards may be drawn during any reading for added clarification.
  • My specialty is incorporating astrology analysis into tarot and is available for any tarot reading. This may add to the length of the readings.
  • Other specialty readings are available upon request.

Hourly fee is $60/hour or $1/minute


Astrology readings require a weeks notice. To prepare for your reading you will need to provide your date, time and location of birth.

Natal Chart

An in-depth look into the planets at the time of birth. An emphasis is placed on the road to highest karmic potential so that you may feel empowered. Past-life residual energies and challenges are also explored.

This reading includes a one hour consultation for $125. During the consultation, you may feel that additional time is required and that is billed at my hourly rate of $60/hour (or $1/minute).

À la Carte Questions

À la carte questions are $5 each.

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