Gemini Rising

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Gemini rising possesses one of my personal favorite traits, curiosity. They tend to look out upon the world and see it as the rich mecca of knowledge and ideas, which it is. Yes they can get bored as the need for stimulation is high, but they themselves are never boring. Being a mutable sign ruled by Mercury there is the need to move throughout groups of people with a menagerie of ideas and approaches to life. They adapt to every setting by appearance and inflection of speech and manner. This sometimes causes concern to the truth of their persona. The challenge is to be the centered where ideas or facets of truth come together.

There is a thread of reality through the Gemini rising’s ideas and social experiences. A look to where the Sun and especially Mercury in the chart can help the Gemini rising make sense of all the information they consume. Where they should take their richness in curiosity and how they may use it to their’s and other’s benefit.

The magic is in watching the Gemini rising meet people and find the most interesting aspect of them and pull this from them. They consume it with glee and joy. Socially aware and easily likable as they engage and are open to explore a wide range of topics and ideas.

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