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The four queens come into their power by an understanding of an innate quality. There is a piece of themselves which they have examined. They have looked within. They now offer what they have found within.

The Queen of wands has found a passionate nature, a potentially boiling nature. She may be explosive, volatile and demanding. She may also be driven, engaging, creative and exciting, it just depends on who you ask and where you meet her in her personal development, and what you bring to her to her table. She directs her passions toward experiences of joy, that celebrate the exuberance and variety of life and spirit. She is fire therefore she is sexy, exciting and stimulating. She dresses and presents herself in a way that speaks of an internal confidence. She understands the shadow of her passions as well as how her passions are their own reward.

The Queen of coin has looked inside to nurture the nuances of physical health and mundane thriving. She may seem boring or persnickety but her wisdom is rich and the foundation of excelling in every other aspect here on earth. We have bodies, we have to eat and we have to know how to develop aptitudes so that we each may survive. This Queen knows and understands these needs as she has tweaked them for herself. Her diet is geared toward her ultimate physical and mental health. Her daily routine is a mastery in being grounded and focused. Her connection to life can inspire you to take meticulous care of yourself.

The Queen of cups is the empath of the tarot. Her strength is in emotional intelligence, but this also makes her vulnerable. This is because she struggles with boundaries. She understands the nuances of emotions, for you and herself. This puts her in high demand as someone who offers emotional wisdom and comfort. Every emotional need of others triggers in her a need to act, to offer guidance through the complicated nature of emotion. For this reason she can become overwhelmed with emotional processing. When she is at her best, which is most of time she is gentle and attuned to how she feels in accordance to others and their needs as well as her own. She feeds and nurtures herself and everyone who is lucky enough to know her.

The Queen of swords is an intellectual wordsmith. This Queen has explored her innate self to find a rational and fair mind. She is of air so she wishes to hear and speak the truth through reason. And lets face it many problems can and should be addressed without passion or even emotion but through reason and fair-mindedness. Just the facts is all you need some times and then a clear path of action. She is judge and jury without bias. She is Judge Judy and Bill Gates wrapped up as one in philanthropy and intellectual fortitude. She is beyond manipulation and trickery because a story can’t have holes, it must make sense. Yet her intuition is high as she will sense the lack of sense before she is able to discern with reason. As her conscious is clear the intuition rises, but she would never abandon reason as it is her gift to herself and the world.

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