Tarot’s The Magician Card I

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The Magician

The Magician has found himself in a world full of potential and resources. He may have just begun his journey but he has become keenly aware of the nuances of his abilities. What lies ahead and how he may handle himself are the questions he asks when facing his open path. When The Magician comes… Read more »

Tarot’s Moon Card 18

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There is no place like home, there is no place like home. What if you have no home? Home is a place living in the emotional memory. It’s hard to name what home is but we all know it when we feel it. We all live it when we repeat emotional habits throughout our lives…. Read more »

Aries, Cancer, Libra. Capricorn: Astrology’s Cardinal Signs

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Cardinal Signs

Most people are aware of their Sun sign in Astrology. Some people have an understanding of their element whether that be fire, air, earth or water. Yet the quality of a sign seems so greatly undervalued or considered. There are three qualities, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Since the Sun is in Libra, a cardinal sign,… Read more »

The Fool Tarot Card – Tarot Tuesday

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The Fool

Truth is a many faceted thing. When you think you have a firm grasp of all that is reality: your journey is over, your wonder has come to a stop. When you think you know all there is to know, you are boring, no fun. The Fool knows that he doesn’t know, the Fool seeks… Read more »

Happy Birthday Libra!

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Happy Birthday Libra

When people meet my chihuahua, Mr. Fuzzy Pants, they commonly say, “I don’t like small dogs, but I really like this guy!” My husband and I look at each other in response and say, “Libra.” This is because Libra knows instinctively how social life is done. While someone may not like small dogs, they do… Read more »

The Lovers Tarot Card – Tarot Tuesday

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Aw, the sweet, sweet lovers. Who doesn’t love to see the endearing image of The Lovers in a tarot reading? The Lovers asks questions that are much more complicated than those presented in the typical Hollywood romance. This card isn’t about a romanticized version of love: this card wants you to get down to the… Read more »

The Tower Card – Tarot Tuesdays

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The Tower Card

Let it burn! Let it burn! While saying, “Let it burn,” may seem a bit insensitive to the feelings that come up when someone draws The Tower card, it is a practical reaction to the much needed destruction that this card brings. When this card is embraced, that which matters most will come gleaming from… Read more »

The Devil Tarot Card – Tarot Tuesdays

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This card is commonly one of the most frightening cards for a querent to receive. I affectionately prefer to refer to The Devil as Pan as opposed to the vilified devil. As Pan is an archetype of primal urge or for those who misconstrue his lessons he can represent one’s shame. Shame is greatly painful… Read more »