The Lovers Tarot Card – Tarot Tuesday

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Aw, the sweet, sweet lovers. Who doesn’t love to see the endearing image of The Lovers in a tarot reading? The Lovers asks questions that are much more complicated than those presented in the typical Hollywood romance. This card isn’t about a romanticized version of love: this card wants you to get down to the… Read more »

The Tower Card – Tarot Tuesdays

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The Tower Card

Let it burn! Let it burn! While saying, “Let it burn,” may seem a bit insensitive to the feelings that come up when someone draws The Tower card, it is a practical reaction to the much needed destruction that this card brings. When this card is embraced, that which matters most will come gleaming from… Read more »

The Devil Tarot Card – Tarot Tuesdays

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This card is commonly one of the most frightening cards for a querent to receive. I affectionately prefer to refer to The Devil as Pan as opposed to the vilified devil. As Pan is an archetype of primal urge or for those who misconstrue his lessons he can represent one’s shame. Shame is greatly painful… Read more »