Squares as Cognitive Dissodence

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Squares are not commonly celebrated in an astrological chart or transit. I often hear people lament over what is happening in their charts when they struggle through the realities that squares bring into their life. In books of the traditional sort of astrological lore the stress of a square is said to be a ‘bad’… Read more »

Star Shine, The Sun

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Feeling moved by the Sun in Leo today (I started writing this awhile ago) to celebrate the astrological Sun. It really is of the least complicated of the astrological “planets.” We all have easily made instant associations with the Sun, it is our giver of life. We all know what it means to be sunny…. Read more »

A Meditation on Saturn

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Thank heavens for Saturn Even a novice has heard the horror stories of Saturn, the malignant planet making everyone’s life a living hell. Maybe I like this planet because it is a symbolic bad boy, but not the turn your life upside on a wild ride bad boy. But the socially awkward bad boy who… Read more »


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In honor of Sun in Virgo I am thinking about Chiron. As I’ve heard it said by others and as I believe Chiron aligns comfortably with Virgo energy. Chiron is about service healing and health. Chiron is like the beast who licks his wound or the athlete who tears a ligament or breaks a bone,… Read more »

Astrology Junction – Sagittarius Zodiac Appearance

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by http://www.astrologyjunction.com/ Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. Sagittarius symbolizes ‘The Archer’ in astrology. A Sagittarian often strives to achieve a life full of appreciation and love by those surrounding them. This zodiac sign is born between November 22 – December 21. Read below 5 features that can help you spot a Sagittarian… Read more »

Pisces Happy Birthday!

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The Piscean icon Albert Einstein famously said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” and “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”. These two statements embody the wondrous Pisces’ quality limitless mind. His accomplishments transcend the normal pragmatic way of thinking or being. His words inspire me to be my own individual sort… Read more »

Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

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Fixed signs are proof of the power of persistence. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are not flippant in their beliefs or goals. When you want to know what works, what has always worked, seek the counsel of a fixed sign. This is because fixed signs are aware and connected to that which is classic. They… Read more »

Mercury Retrograde, Tarot’s The Magician Reversed

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There is much to know about Tarot’s the magician and the high priestess cards when Mercury goes retrograde. Many would note a feeling of having their will stunted. It’s as if things have gone topsy turvy. This is the shortcoming of the magician, as he is only the first card in the fool’s journey, he… Read more »

Aquarius, The Revolutionary, Happy Birthday

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No other sign seems so inclusive as Aquarius. With open arms and like no other sign, Aquarius will recognize another as part of their community, group or counter-culture. They really groove on the eclecticness of their social circle. They seem to know that if we all celebrate our own individuality, the whole will be stronger…. Read more »