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Mars works for the ego. It is selfish and direct in its notions and objective. It is how and where passions and style of serving the ego will act. When engaged it moves with swift intent, ignited and willful. Its voice rings of “I want,” “I desire,” and “I must have.” To stand in its way is to make an enemy, to find a fight. It is demonstrative and engaged, assertive and loud, sexy and bold. It believes that its mission is vital.

When ill, Mars becomes violent and volatile, or maybe reluctant and passive aggressive. It needs room for expression and exploration, yet at times with wounded ego and unproductive outlets, Mars can become diluted, weak and destructive. Selfishness rings out in a shortsighted manner diminishing the objective of other planets and expressions within the chart and individual. Instantaneous results or inhibited ability to act hurt long-term fulfillment. This can be remedied with exploration of issues surrounding Mars in the birth chart. It can be eased with self-awareness.

Healthy Mars expressed is vibrant and enthusiastic with life and personal purpose. It has firm and balanced perspective of its goals and expression.

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