The Third House

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The third house is the house of communication. It is also the house of siblings, who are likely the ones that first influenced one’s style and approach to what we say and hear. Yet I tend to veer with the idea that who we deem to process the quality of a sibling has evolved in the modern day to include chosen family. We reach out to those who stimulate our third house with their character and message, we feel comfortable with their style of speech and the concerns they hold. Is the message emotional? Practical? Or is it playful and loud? Regardless one can perceive a comradely that feels like, we are in this together. The third house states a certain style lent to one’s closest and long standing friendships.

The third house tells of what one reaps from the environment and what one offers. The voice and the ear. Is it the boisterous sun or muddled creative Neptune or a passionate Mars? Regardless it is good to know for the process of learning and being mindful of meeting people where they stand.

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