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The Sun - The Wild Unknown TarotWhen I turn over cards during a reading and I see the sun, immediately I become excited.

And why wouldn’t I be? Isn’t that what the sun evokes, excitement and joy? It isn’t such an ambiguous card as we all have some positive association with what it means to have a sunny disposition, it is an expression of happiness.

When the sun card comes into ones life one is called to make decision based on that which is altruistic to create and share joy. One has or is learning that what they share and what they do should come from a place of innocence, not corruption or limiting fears. That there is a bounty of things, experiences and people that make life joyous and one can choose to celebrate those things. That regardless of suffering, age, and circumstance there is a need for gratitude. That one’s vitality comes from embracing what appreciates and enjoys.

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