Value in the Second House of Astrology

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The second house in Astrology is where one seeks values. It is how one creates a tangible reality of quality. Traditionally known as the house of processions, with its association to the sign of Taurus, it begs the question, “What do I wish to manifest of importance?” Answering such a question grounds a person into a purpose and the development of talents that can be immensely rewarding. To reject the energy/message of the second house can lead one to work and “things” that one feels pointless and empty. While I realize there is an element of privilege in being able to entertain what one may find truly gratifying as opposed to what one feels one must do to survive, I work off a vision of idealism and regardless of circumstances one should know what one deems important. Is that importance placed on, love, structure, deep understanding, learning, or something else that drives a person to create value in one’s life.

The second house is also like a bag of tricks and talents. It speaks in a frank way things about the self that may be developed to make money. This can’t be severed from the idea of values as this is work that someone feels is important and therefore is most likely good at in performance if given proper nurturing, and time. This is where the the elevator pitch and the job interview come into play. The second house executed mindfully produces an enthusiasm that is authentic, that is hard to resist and nearly impossible to compete against. It is infectious and believable because it is genuine. It is a path which brings one to work and a work culture where one feels comfortable and true.

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