Gender in Tarot and Astrology

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The more I practice Tarot and Astrology the more I am stuck by the fluidity of gender norms in those who wish to spiritually evolve. For this reason I treat the cards, chart, the seeker as being gender fluid.

While traditionally there was a thought that for men the feminine cards represented the women in the man’s life and vice versa. While there may be some validity to this approach, there is also validity to the idea that we attract people in our lives that represent sub-personalities within ourselves. This is how we come to understand our karmic energy, through its demonstration in others. If one feels a need to behave violently, one is drawn to those that behave violently. If one feels the need to behave gently they will be drawn to those that are gentle and probably kittens and puppies as well. The point is, we attract what we need to understand in ourselves.

With conscious execution one is able to know what they need to develop and will surround themselves with those that embody such qualities. While in the past one may have deemed certain qualities only to be demonstrated by those solely identified according to their genitalia, while today we are starting to see the absurdity of such notions. Women can be authoritative leaders and men can be receptive nurturers, and everything in between. Our identities our evolving beyond our gender, for greater meaning, self-actualization and spiritual purpose.

Yet there is more work to be done, as I have seen through my practice. It is most common for me to meet with those who are developing the qualities of their opposing identified gender. They seek validation and understanding as they feel the call and need to become more like of these qualities. I welcome these readings with gusto and excitement!

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