The Chariot

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There will be suffering, struggling and doubt no matter what path you choose. So you might as well choose the path that leads to your joy. This is the message of the Chariot. The Chariot points in the direction of ultimate fulfillment or at least what one believes the ultimate fulfillment. The Chariot knows that the path may curve and evolve as it is traveled but isn’t deterred by adversity that arises along the way, because the path is mindfully chosen.

Drawing the Chariot, especially with regularity, denotes a time of understanding that you must feel engaged emotionally in what moves you forward. You must care about that which takes your energy, time and attention. You can not settle for the superficial but are guided or facing the truth that your happiness is your responsibility. Yet The Chariot’s context in a reading is relevant, as it’s placement can indicates delusion in what might mean happiness, not knowing what happiness is or that your sights are clear and consciousness.

I also like to consider when drawing the Chariot that one is in a position of privilege. When drawing this card one is able to entertain taking authority in one’s life, which many whom struggle to survive are not able to contemplate. For this reason I like to include with the Chariot an exercise of gratitude of having the means and comfort to explore the topic of one’s ultimate happiness, even if the path ends up being misguided and must be revised. The Chariot empowers one to explore the idea of happiness and gratitude will help one be introspective of one’s values as you set meaningful goals.

The Chariot form the Foundation Tarot

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