Saturn Capricorn

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Saturn comes home to its ruling signs of Capricorn then into Aquarius in 2020, and boy am I excited, as maybe only an earth sign would get excited about the movement of Saturn. As the sign of pragmatic leadership joins the planet of rules and boundaries there is the opportunity to create a path of meaning in one’s life wherever this transit effects one’s own life. To define what it means to thrive and rid oneself of the distractions that are void of purpose.

There is a common perception that Saturn feels tight and uncomfortable, and I would agree with this notion. Saturn is a reminder that in the physical body there are restrictions, that you and your body are finite. That you will die, your health and you will fail, that life is suffering regardless of how optimistic or spiritual you might be. At the same time the fleetingness of life is what makes it precious and worth making the most of the experience and the positive influence each of us might have while we last here on earth. If one is to have a rewarding life, one must decide what one values and Saturn is here to help you decide what those values are and how and where you can and should implement them.

With Saturn going into Capricorn, Saturn’s lesson are brought home to the planning and doing energy of the sign. The thinking about it, the talking about it is over and the time of changed behavior and action has come. Yet Capricorn isn’t so concerned with instant results, because that is destabilizing, but of creating and living a life of true sustainable substance. Now is the time to mark what you take down the path of your ultimate health, comfort, meaning and well-being. To take life and what you truly need out of it seriously, to own your choices. To say no to some things and experiences so that you may excel at others, cut the fat and schedule your success.

Capricorn is the sign aligned with the archetype of the father. Yet there is no sense of one’s sex attached to the symbol, just the idea of what the it means. It is about being driven toward all you need to succeed during the cold season of the sign. Planning, patience and tolerance for the inevitable challenges ahead, but above all the paternal figure is here to help us thrive and keep calm through an even temperament. With Capricorn in Saturn it is the perfect time to develop that steady voice for yourself as you face challenges.

Just as Saturn approaches its last degrees in Capricorn it will come to a reckoning with Pluto with a tight conjunction in the early half of 2020. Pluto went into Capricorn December 2008 come we have come to see the pain of toxic masculinity, as Pluto’s path is to transform a dark aspect of a sign, in this case the arrogance of the patriarchy and the damage it has caused our society. As Saturn approaches Pluto my hope is that, as a society we realize the limitations and poisonous consequences of ultimate authority being given to the archetype abusive father figure. That we may do the work to define a more structured and healthy image of what we deem a successful father-figure and leader. One that has a gentle and inclusive message, for not just his children but all of the children of a thriving functioning society.

As Saturn leaves Capricorn in June 2020 it will enter Aquarius, the other sign of its ruler ship. As Saturn enters Aquarius there will be opportunity to question the value of social structures as a means of helping us as a collective thrive. This is sure to be an exciting time as well, but I will leave that for another day.

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