Libra Rising

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Whatever it is on your first house cusp is known as the rising sign, or the ascendant. With a Libra ascendant your outlook on life and the world is colored by the need to find and create justice, fairness and beauty. Libra rising is willing to do most of the work in having us all arrive at the middle ground, the ground in which we all thrive and have love in our lives. They will twist themselves in knots until they understand why you do the things that you do just so they can find a level playing field for you both. Libra rising can loose sight of what they hoped to accomplish in your meeting. The thing they hoped to accomplish is togetherness in harmony and love.

Libra rising is baffled by the short-sightedness of selfishness. More than any other rising sign they know that their comfort is reliant on the comfort of those around them. Their proclivity is social awareness, They know that being together requires some compromise but is essentially worth it, as we all thrive, we all thrive, we are in this life together. Yet when they look upon the world for beauty, justice and common ground often the world presents itself with injustice, cruelty and selfishness. This can be extremely painful for the Libra rising as they try to make themselves and circumstances comfortable for all. How can they work with those that don’t care for their comfort? Many will not meet them half way or will take advantage of their willingness to compromise. This can turn the Libra ascendant bitter and jaded.

When the Libra ascendant becomes bitter they can get caught up in the competitive and superficial trappings of beauty. This can become a destructive path for the Libra rising as they try to have and be the most beautiful, harmonious and perfect creature. It is a dead end that is avoidant of harsh realities and pragmatic concerns. It can also lead to judgments of others who don’t share in their beauty aptitude. Beauty is nuanced and complicated in definition, it is subjective and not a substitute for true diplomacy and understanding. It also is not a long term sustainable avenue for feeling superior. Yet this is a low form of Libra rising and as it evolves it learns to embrace true peace. Yet I’m not against the Libra risings that continue their beauty spectacle. I would never knock the one who shows up to the party over’dressed to spread the word of love. Yet the Libra ascendant of sophistication realizes the clothes and the perfectly groomed face is part of the tactic in spreading their message.

As a cardinal sign Libra is a leader in the element of air which makes it social and heady. The leadership Libra offers is one of kindness and gentleness when others wish to share their truth. The Libra ascendant is here to demonstrate that our meeting points are stronger, more meaningful, productive and most of all beneficial. We benefit when we have allies, we benefit when we have friends who try to understand where we are coming from and a community that accepts us for who we are, and our experiences as relevant. We feel loved when someone makes the effort to consider our point of view and tells us it matters.

So Libra rising go out there and spread your message of love. Go out there and show us all the beauty you see. Share with us that creation you made when you were inspired by something that almost made you cry in its beauty. Tell us how to consider those who we would rather punch. Don’t melt in to the despair of a vulgar world. Show us and we will show you how we appreciate the things that make us each lovable. We need you more than ever

With the ascendant being Libra this makes for an Aries descendant. This lends itself to finding partners that can help you cultivate a a bolder approach to your message of fairness.

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