Aries Rising

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Excuse me while I pander a bit, but I really enjoy an Aries first house cusp aka Aries rising or Aries ascendant. I enjoy this rising sign as it plays no games, in the head department as they overtly advocate for themselves. They pull no punches when it comes to expressing who they are and what they want. They look out onto the world looking for challenge and adventure. Yet many people aren’t comfortable with people who are so unapologetically themselves. It antagonizes their need to fight, to prove that their way is better but this just excites the Aries rising.

When the Aries rising senses that others become offended by their bold expression of who they are they can become stimulated by the challenge. When they sense the dynamic of competition they find that this is there chance to reinforce their point of view. It isn’t an emotional struggle, it is a power struggle. Those that challenge them the most are the ones they appreciate the most, as they show the Aries rising what they are capable of accomplishing.

While there is a sense of strong personal autonomy with Aries rising it is measured in contrast of others sense of autonomy. Who can confront the most of their personal fears? Who can blaze more trails? What is the sense of climbing the mountain if no one follows or if it doesn’t inspire others to climb the mountains? Aries rising feeds off their feeling of individuality but individuality doesn’t live in a vacuum. It thrives in competition, especially light-hearted, friendly competition. Those with opposing senses of individuality and ambitions make the best of friends to the Aries rising.

Aries is a cardinal sign in the element of fire. This makes the ascendant demonstrative and leading. Aries rising is learning to bravely demonstrate their strengths. They can all show us the way to the liberty of autonomy. The fearlessness of acting in our own self-interest, without pretense. Aries rising can remind us all that life is a challenge and an adventure, it is this moment that matters, let’s make the most of it and with gusto!

The natural descendant to Aries rising is Libra. This means Aries rising should attract and seek partners who help them be more diplomatic and fair-minded.

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