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Feeling moved by the Sun in Leo today (I started writing this awhile ago) to celebrate the astrological Sun. It really is of the least complicated of the astrological “planets.” We all have easily made instant associations with the Sun, it is our giver of life. We all know what it means to be sunny. We each have an idea of the nature of one’s activities when they say, “It’s a beautiful sunny day, I’m going to go enjoy myself.” According to who makes that statement, we may know that they are seeking adventure, spending time with family maybe a festival or quiet time in a hammock with a book. Regardless of the activity that person may reflect upon it with the idea that this is what life is about. This is where they find their vitality. This is their Sun sign in action.

If one is feeling a drain of vitality the Sun is where we look to enhance and bring them back to the source of their life force. The Sun is a bias that needs to be explored and valued. When broken down I like to start with the element, then the quality, the sign and then the house followed by aspect.

With a Fire sign sun (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), the return to source, the connection to personal power is most closely related to the instant associations of the sun. Their gestures of the sun are joyous and overt, uncontainable and dynamic, full of personalty and expression defying the sense of limitations. Of course this is flavored by the rest of the chart but can also not be diminished as valuable in their quest for the Sun’s expression of vitality.

The Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), gain the Sun’s strength in a more quiet way then their fire sign brothers and sisters. The earth signs gain vitality most simply from sensual activities. Think touch, smell, hear and taste, the experience is in some regard tangible and/or provides relief and comfort to the body, connecting the spirit to the earth bound experience.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), find the Sun’s strength in social and/or intellectual engagement. The threads of truth that join us all is where air finds their sun brought to life. Talking, sharing understanding each others ideas and community, coming together is the realm of air energy.

What the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces need to heed their connection to life is simply connection. Emotional connection, that is as opposed to the air signs intellectual connection. A feeling, and feeling being the operative word, of having a safe and welcoming connection. Intimacy whether being of a family, lover, the universe or by expressing oneself through a creative project emotional vulnerability moves the water sign towards their position of personal strength.

A step further we look into the house which the Sun resides in a person’s chart, this helps to give context to where this Sun likes to shine. Oftentimes this gives one perspective as to why a Leo doesn’t seem so Leo-ish along with other factors in the birth chart. Finding the Sun in the first, fifth or ninth house will give that Sun characteristics commonly associated with fire signs. The Sun in the second, sixth, or tenth house gives one the proclivity to act towards earth endeavors. The sun in the third, seventh and eleventh house will give one the drive to act towards the social atmospheres of the air signs. The fourth, eighth and twelfth houses are the realm of water.

Next we may consider aspects, or how other planets interact with the Sun at the time of birth. This is a bit complicated and varied for each individual to be covered briefly or even expansively, but I would encourage anyone with an inclining of interest in their personal vitality to explore it with an astrologer or on their own.

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