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In honor of Sun in Virgo I am thinking about Chiron. As I’ve heard it said by others and as I believe Chiron aligns comfortably with Virgo energy. Chiron is about service healing and health.

Chiron is like the beast who licks his wound or the athlete who tears a ligament or breaks a bone, Chiron is that injury. Whether the athlete or beast each favor the injury, giving it special care and attention. They learn to be tender with their wound, paying mind to subtle nuances in how the wound reacts to their performance and abilities. In as such they learn humility, patience and vulnerability. All this attention to the area is bound to lead to insight along with fear and continual pain. This is the spirit of Chiron.

While this might not sound like fun or something we immediately cherish within ourselves it is rich with personal growth and lessons in feeling weak and powerless. We may see others thrive in said area, acting carefree and performing in such a way it causes us pain in feeling undeserving or incompetent. No, this doesn’t seem pleasant, enjoyable or fun at least not initially.

Here we find a major learning curve but once we dive into the pain instead of running we find a proclivity of understanding what it means to thrive and benefit from Chiron’s influenced area of life. When the athlete injures their ankle they realize just how important their ankle is to not only their performance but likely their happiness as well. They learn all they need to know to make that ankle its strongest and healthiest and have special gratitude when their special care leads to successful performance. With the injury one’s initial reaction may be to feel defeated, ruined or no longer whole or healthy. When the athlete sees others performing in their beloved sport or in Chiron’s case area of life, it feels personal and somehow more painful than other successes that may come easily to them. This is the spot of life where one feels a particular draw to understand what it means to overcome or work from a humbled position. To adjust to feelings of being undeserving or inadequate to evolve towards understanding and acceptance.

The process of healing begins with mindful practice of understanding the pain, of embracing the pain. One must be open to the feelings of vulnerability in this area of life and one must admit that this area of life is important to them. With an innate vision towards seeing how people thrive in this area, one must use this vision to develop a healing attitude. This healing attitude can not only help oneself but others as well. The pain is the teacher when it comes to Chiron. Humility is also the teacher, as one admits a shortcoming or a struggle with this area of life. Help and role models can be greatly beneficial.

I feel comfortable aligning Chiron’s energy to Virgo. As Chiron is explored best from a position of humility and service, also an analytical approach to Chiron works well, these factors resonate well with Virgo. Chiron’s sign, placement and placement of ruler planet can give direction of skill in service, where insight lies in guiding and helping others in painful situations. This practice and service will help ease Chiron’s anguish as one becomes more practiced and gains wisdom.

Health is key in understanding what Chiron can do for you and how you can offer it to others. If Chiron is in the first house one may struggle with self-worth. In the seventh house one’s focus may be on healthy relationships when they have lacked examples. Chiron in the fourth, healthy home is a factor with a complicated home life and family history. In the tenth house one may struggle to find their rightful place in society.

Chiron in the elements gives insight into how it will be explored whether through pragmatic practice, earth. Or through experiences and experiences, fire. Chiron through air is the intellect and study, the sharing of ideas. With Chiron in water it is a deep and emotional journey that must be felt and shared.

In the end one must accept that Chiron’s area of life is never to be perfect but it is bound to be important and healthy.

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