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Thank heavens for Saturn

Even a novice has heard the horror stories of Saturn, the malignant planet making everyone’s life a living hell. Maybe I like this planet because it is a symbolic bad boy, but not the turn your life upside on a wild ride bad boy. But the socially awkward bad boy who states at a public gathering how your life is fucked up because you are acting like an asshole. Yeah Saturn is no fun at parties. This is because Saturn is like the parent you never had, the one you needed but just wasn’t available. The one that you form for yourself out of tried and true failure, the lessons you learned the hard way. The lessons that help give your life structure and boundaries. These structures and boundaries help form values and a functioning productive life.

We have all seen or known of someone who continues to feed their demons. Whether that be an unhealthy boundary system or a lack of boundary system. They are unable to achieve or to have relationships that are healthy and productive or even able to survive in a manner that could be described as thriving. They never seem to grow. We have also seen those who believe they could accomplish anything without having accomplished anything other than mere survival. They lack perseverance or direction, they don’t know who they are or what they want, because they believe everything and anything is or should be available to them. They live without any definition of what they are here to do or why. It is in these examples we find individuals who have not embraced the teacher in Saturn. It could be an intercepted Saturn or one in retrograde or one that is heavily conflicted. Regardless their movement aligns with that of a kid in the candy store, erratic and out of control. It causes them pain is the worst of it, in light it makes them very indecisive and resistant to take control of their lives.

With embraced Saturn one might have an experience that ended with an outcome not in line with the life they wish to lead, jail, broken relationships or inappropriate relationships, horrible professional life, and general dissatisfaction and decided these avenues were not for them to take. One would decide that going in that direction was not for them and that their outlook and direction must change. This does not only entail an honest evaluation of the mistake that has been made but also full responsibility for changing behavior and attitudes so that time and energy isn’t wasted in such a way again. One must be clear in their mind what one what it means for them to not just survive but to live well, and take that challenge on for themselves.

No one can fix your Saturn issues for you. If they did you still wouldn’t feel like an adult or secure in the way an actualized Saturn should. This isn’t to say you couldn’t preserve a degree of wonder and childlike enthusiasm, and maybe that is the lesson of your particular Saturn, but it is to say only you can take the initiative and responsibility needed to feel like you own your own life.

Saturn helps one to define their values and to live by them. Saturn thrives when we decide some roads and behaviors are not right in the direction we wish to take our life. Saturn may be considered rigid but don’t you wish to take a hard line from time to time?

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