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Several years ago while out with friends I was introduced to a man who my friends thought I would gel with immediately. The idea was that we were much alike in that I was obsessed with astrology while he was rather masterful at palmistry. While I have no understanding of palmistry, I was curious about what he had to say. He took my hand into his hand and stated with confidence, “You are to have another child! But you will never find true love or get married.”

And that was that, no explanation and no way to improve my supposed fate, this was what those terrible little lines said and that was the way it was to be. It didn’t matter that I was happy with one child and that my goal was marriage and partnership, or the agonizing personal growth and soul-searching I did to make myself suitable for partnership, it was all fate and I felt defeated and angry.

It is true that at that point in my life maybe I didn’t deserve or wasn’t ready for lasting love, and maybe it was more likely that I have another child rather than find a suitable life partner. This is because I needed to understand myself, my needs, and how to communicate in an effective manner to be ready for a lasting relationship. But the belief that a person’s life-path is set in stone (whether through cards, stars, lines or other tools of divination) is destructive and dangerous. Each of us, always, have a choice to grow and to challenge ourselves from within a difficult state and to work toward our highest self-actualization. Or we have the choice to repeat patterns that don’t get us what we would ultimately find rewarding and satisfying.

In a fate-based reading, it is as if destiny is coming for you! Watch out and hold on, this is happening to you. You are but a victim. In a karmic approach your attitude, emotional memory/state and mentality are fundamental in the way your life plays out. The purpose is to achieve objective perspective on how you are creating the circumstances of your life for positive or desired outcome or not. The power is in your hands.

The future is formed from your thoughts, feelings, attitude, beliefs and behavior. Things that you are most certainly in charge of and are your responsibility of controlling and understanding. If you don’t wish to take responsibility for these parts of the self then you may call your bad or good luck “fate.’

The karmic reading is to gain an objective view so that you can make mindful choices in your life. The reading is to empower you instead of making you feel like you are a victim. Instead of questions such as, “Is my lost lover fated to return?’ we are better off asking, “How may I better improve myself so that I may have a rewarding love life?&rduo;

You may not have the power to change other people and understand whether they may return to be in your life, but you certainly have the power to improve your outlook and become a more loving/lovable person. This approach will lead to a better quality of earned life as opposed to feelings of being out of control or a victim.

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