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The Piscean icon Albert Einstein famously said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” and “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”. These two statements embody the wondrous Pisces’ quality limitless mind. His accomplishments transcend the normal pragmatic way of thinking or being. His words inspire me to be my own individual sort of genius. This is because first and foremost Pisces is an empath, which makes for a complicated emotional life.

Pisces you seem burdened with being highly impressionable by the moods of others and their surroundings, making for an exhausting and emotional time at life. Yet when harnessed with intent you, Pisces creates in a manner that holds true to the moods of humanity. After all Pisces is the sign of the collective consciousness. Tuned into, for better or for worse to how things are playing out as a whole.

Pisces in spite of your fabulous unbounded being, I must admit, you haven’t been the easiest sign for me to understand. You are my polarity, being that I am a sun Virgo with a Pisces descendant and a Pisces North Node, therefore you challenge me in the best of ways. My default method of analysis didn’t work, I couldn’t put you into a neat little box. You have forced me to let go and just feel who you are and because of this I have learned to dream and to find balance.

As time has passed I have come to know and understand the beauty of Piscean energy for, this is where we find our souls intent, our creativity and compassion. It comes from letting go of the ego and just exploring/feeling what it means to be a part of this great big wonderful expansive universe. Happy birthday Pisces, know that you inspire me!

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