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There is much to know about Tarot’s the magician and the high priestess cards when Mercury goes retrograde. Many would note a feeling of having their will stunted. It’s as if things have gone topsy turvy. This is the shortcoming of the magician, as he is only the first card in the fool’s journey, he has yet to learn the power of stillness. Nothing in his bag of tricks seem to work when Mercury, his ruler, is retrograde. He does silly things like pull out a fire torch to clean a gas spill. But truly nothing will appease from his bag of tricks, all is a lost cause until he learns to stop asserting his own personal will. The magician will learn soon enough on the next leg of his journey, sometimes you just have to tune into something larger than yourself and your bag of goodies.

While Mercury is retrograde or The Magician reversed focusing on the energies of The High Priestess is a comfort. Mercury retrograde is an excellent time for introspection and an assessment of one’s instincts. Just chill on the Inclination to assert yourself and look for the wide scope connections. Take the inventory of where you are and how that fits into a larger social/spiritual dynamic. Fortunately we have Sun in Aquarius which also supports looking at things from the big picture. Soon enough will will have the magician back in full swing on February 11, enjoy the peace while it last.

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