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Fixed signs are proof of the power of persistence. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are not flippant in their beliefs or goals. When you want to know what works, what has always worked, seek the counsel of a fixed sign. This is because fixed signs are aware and connected to that which is classic. They build and realize their purpose through building from a firm foundation. Without the fixed quality in a chart one may feel as if they are lost without structure. Where you find fixed qualities in the chart you find a place of routine and discipline.

The element of the sign tells of how the structure and reserved of the fixed sign is expressed. Taurus, earth, has a strong habit and determination in regards to lifestyle. Leo’s fire process is one of personality and leadership. Scorpio, water, has a strong foundation and wide depth of emotional strength and intimacy. Aquarius, air, holds onto and expands upon traditional intellectual ideology, and social awareness. Through routine and persistence each sign is able to grow without distraction from their ultimate goals in regards to their element.

Because of the fixed sign’s consistency they tend to be highly reliable and trustworthy. They don’t change their minds or direction on a whim, their word can be as good as gold. Their spine is like steel, as they know what works, and what doesn’t work. They can adhere to the goals and rules to see them through adversity.

While the fixed quality may be resistant to change with reason and proof they can be persuaded to adapt. If you come armed with tried and true proof of a processes effectiveness a fixed sign is game to consider your alternative. Just don’t expect to show up with an out there kind of idea or short cut without preparedness. While this quality may come across as stubborn it may also be considered a strength in fortitude and dependability. You can always count on a fixed sign to be certain and committed. They don’t fly off the handle without extreme provocation. They can be trusted because they are certain.

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