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Capricorn-Birthday-CardWinter is no joke! The days of resting leisurely outside or snacking on fresh picked berries are things only existing on the other side of the equator. Dealing with the elements of winter requires diligence and planning. Survival is a strategic feet and nobody understands this better than Capricorn.

Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign, is the sign of the father. She/he is here to lead us towards sensual, pragmatic success. While at some point Capricorn may get caught up in the the symbols of earthly success, with maturity he learns to walk the path of meaningful property. Capricorn develops leadership skills that help themselves and others live a comfortable life, in spite of the elements, in spite of adverse circumstances.

My ultimate Capricorn fatherly figure is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. While others take bold stands for human rights Dr. King’s words and leadership make him a stand-out as a paternal. He projected calm authority, rationale yet gentle and always compassionate. He made sense and I would challenge any sensitive heart to hear his words and not wish to follow, as it is easy to believe that he truly had everyone’s best interest at heart. He took his authority seriously as he pointed us in a direction that would help us all live better.

Happy birthday Capricorn! I will be sure to make a toast to living well in your honor!

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