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Happy-Birthday-Aquarius-cardNo other sign seems so inclusive as Aquarius. With open arms and like no other sign, Aquarius will recognize another as part of their community, group or counter-culture. They really groove on the eclecticness of their social circle. They seem to know that if we all celebrate our own individuality, the whole will be stronger. Aquarius won’t expect you to conform because they sure as hell won’t! The water bearer’s nature is that of a nonconformist, a revolutionary and markedly social as it is an air sign. The fixed quality of Aquarius makes them builders and collector of ideas.

I have said in the past that Aquarius are impersonal, which doesn’t sound great. The truth is that it is great! They don’t take the way people are personally. They don’t apply other’s behavior as a medium to compare themselves to, they just are how they are, nonconformist, and all that don’t appreciate it be damned.

“It is funny, it is a joy how different we all are,” is the healthy impersonal perspective of an Aquarius. They take the many social varieties and apply their social learning to a big picture. Some of my favorite Aquarians who have done/do this are Oprah Winfrey, Bob Marley and Abraham Lincoln. They weren’t and aren’t deterred by individual adversaries, they are moved by the whole social context and ways it needs to be reformed.

My personal experiences with Aquarians have been nothing short of miraculous, being a very introverted, eccentric Virgo, the other weird sign of the Zodiac. They always smile and make me feel welcomed, regardless of my social awkwardness in large groups. I always seek out the Aquarius first because I know they will ease my tension. The Aquarius’ friendly social demeanor is always a godsend when I feel uncomfortable. Thanks for making me feel welcomed Aquarius, you are always welcomed in my circles, Happy Birthday!

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