Sagittarius Happy Birthday

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“S’cuse me while I kiss the sky” — Jimi Hendrix

I once heard someone say that the worst thing you can say about Sagittarius is that they might embellish to make a story more interesting. It’s true Sags are known for their dynamic personalities and humor, able to express themselves in an uninhibited manner. Good company even if they can seem a bit aloof. It’s just that Sag needs the freedom to spread out, to move about freely. When I think of Sagittarius the first thing that comes to mind are Jimi Hendrix’s mystical lyrics and song titles such as, Bold as Love, Freedom, If 6 was 9 where Jimi says,”I’m going to wave my freak flag high”. Jimi will know no bounds! He stands as my Sagittarius archetype with a Sagittarius Sun and Ascendant. Traveling and adapting his personality and personal philosophy as he evolved to the ultimate liberation of an untimely death. He forged a path with his higher learning where he continues to influence other’s music studies today.

With Sagittarius having it’s symbol being the arrow they are meant to travel, to explore far and wide. To see the big picture and adapt accordingly. This makes Sags seem easy going and up for any occasion. They take it easy with who they are as they are willing to change according to custom in new lands and ideas that expand their state of consciousness.

Travel with a Sagittarius and you will know what it means to truly explore. The Sag learns to define themselves through context of bigger more profound circumstances. Just look at two of my favorite Sags, my son Maximilian and Jimi, trying to show us the way!

sag-maxi-pointing sag-jimi-pointing

They are learning liberation through continual change for this they are the sign that I find most exciting and often very glamorous as world and idea explorers. Their exuberance for the big picture makes them the ones to watch, the ones to engage when you are interested in broad view. I commonly realize I am talking to a Sagittarius when the conversation turns to the meaning of life, especially if the ideas are presented in a humorous way. Cultural chameleons of the well traveled mind and body. Magically their personalities transcend the cultural norms of their birthplace and yet remain relatable. So freaking fun and exciting!

Happy birthday Sagittarius and thank you so much for the perspective you have given me. There is no one else I would rather get on a plane and experience some culture shock!

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