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Uranus is where you find a person is a whack-a-doo. Where conformity is a painful crutch or decidedly impossible. The house and sign of your Uranus tells where you have vision, stifled or celebrated. This vision may not be celebrated in corporate America but it is in the humanitarian’s drive. When wielding the insight of Uranus you swing cherishing your unique gifts with visions of Utopia in your head.

With strong Uranus indicators we see rebels, innovators, inventors, politicians, entrepreneurs and, in extreme cases, psychopaths. The odd one out can be dangerous, risky, unsettling and frighteningly unpredictable. What might happen if we were all running around with our Uranus freak flag waving? Might we suffer from vision overload? Ideally Uranus’ vision is grounded in its humanity. If we all worked for what was best for everyone, we may find some new unexplored aptitudes. Beautiful gifts, talents, vision unexplored due to mass conformity. We may find greater innovation and less bureaucracy.

When a person understands their Uranus energy, they understand their instincts and evolved mind. They are able to think with crispness, without bias. The symbolic light bulb being lit above the head. Uranus is associated with Aquarius. Look to your chart for where Uranus and Aquarius are and see where you have special vision, where you may express your humanity.

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