An Ode to the Seeker

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As I come upon my one year anniversary of becoming a full time Tarot reader and Astrologer I wanted to express my affection for those I have done readings. I have felt honored by the wonderful people this leap has brought into my life, even if for just the duration of the reading. Over the past year I have noticed some great commonalities from those who seek me out for readings. I just want to tell you how cool I think my Tarot and Astrology patrons are. I don’t mean to pander, I’m just a sap!

I like to refer to people who come to me for readings as “seekers.” Seekers are people who want answers that aren’t black and white; they understand that life comes in rich colors. They are looking to explore the nuances of their truth. Seekers don’t just settle for what they’ve been told. They need to experience to believe. The naysayers and the blind followers may have a way of being happy, but these ways don’t work for the seeker. The seeker is open to the new. They know, the new brings challenge and growth. The growth may not be easy but it is the price of self actualization. Because even if the seeker decides this will do for now, eventually it must evolve. They know life is to big to only experience in one way. They know that when they are troubled or challenged that gaining wider perspective will help will give them strength. The seeker is mostly concerned about love (of any kind) but they also want meaningful work, with both tying into their spirituality and sense of purpose.

Thank you seekers for making me a part of your life! It truly has been an amazing year.

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