Learning Tarot

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Time and life changes are the greatest tools in learning Tarot. A daily draw of cards has been my profound resource for gaining wisdom through and with Tarot. While gaining knowledge from those who’ve walked the Tarot path before is wonderful and enlightening, nothing beats comparing the cards to your own actual experiences. Exercises that promote your understanding of any given card relating to how you are behaving, feeling, learning and growing brings an unparalleled depth of experience with that card.

With returning clients they commonly speak up saying they have received the same card from me or other readers over a long period of time. It seems that these clients seem to seek readings when they are experiencing certain repeating complications in their lives. As tarot readers or learning tarot readers we begin to see and understand these cycles. We learn our range and how it unfolds and evolves through the cards. Pull cards not when distressed or confused, as Tarot reading seekers commonly do, but as a means to connect different states of mind to different cards. This means through the range of many different experiences, the more the better.

Ask your deck, “What is the card for this feeling?,” or “What is the card for this way of thinking?” Journal the connections between card and state. If you do not feel a connection to the card’s imagery or message you may have a deck not suitable for you. I have found that the imagery being relatable to your personality essential for beginning the path towards Tarot mastery. As you learn this may still hold true, but the imagery can become more esoteric, more attuned to your acquired understanding of Tarot’s symbolism.

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