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“It’s always a gamble when you get a face.” — Richard Hell

Persona is more then what is on the outside it is how the others see you. Feel a disconnection from your persona and you are likely to suffer from an identity crisis. To have awareness of how you are perceived gives you the power of influence on your environment. Understanding your image gives you clarity on how people will react to you. Are you unsettling? Are they instantly charmed? Proper navigation of the first house and planets that fall here can give one insight on how to work effectively with their persona, personality and other people’s impressions of one’s self.

The first house is the starting point, the face, the initial reaction. It commonly influences the way someone looks and how they dress. Venus here we see a pretty face and an agreeable temperament almost to ready to compromise. With Mars we something very different than Venus with someone ready for conflict, ready to assert their will with an air of passion. There is nothing so readily available to see outright in Astrology as looking at the first house. It is the house of first impact. Ruled by Aries, it tells of how one expresses oneself or refrains from expressing oneself if a restrictive aspect resides here. It tells of how one processes incoming external information. Is it slow, fast, emotional or intellectual? Do people see you as weird and impersonal or warm, sexy or smart?

Understand the energy of your first house and you will master your sense of identity. You will feel more in control of your image and how you are perceived. You will understand your own needs in how you relate to the world.

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