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There is no place like home, there is no place like home. What if you have no home? Home is a place living in the emotional memory. It’s hard to name what home is but we all know it when we feel it. We all live it when we repeat emotional habits throughout our lives. I believe emotions are a glimpse into one’s karma created through emotional memory and patterns. Our feelings being reflected back to us in the world, our fear, our love, our traumatic childhood or our carefree childhood. This is where it starts, childhood, this is where we learned how to sooth ourselves with the help of a parent(s). Maybe we can start even earlier than the current childhood, having been born into a family that matched the emotional characteristics of our karmic path. A karmic path originating from other life times. We found comfort in the familiar. Time and time again we feel patterns and acclimate to an emotional climate, repeating these patterns because they are familiar. Sometimes these patterns serve us, other times not so much.

Think of all that makes you feel cozy. Kittens, cuddling, being with our children and/or parents, a warm fire and a bowl of soup on a cold day, a full moon on a light breezy summer night. All that we nurture, that nurtures us, is the land of Tarot’s The Moon card. When The Moon thrives we feel emotionally connected. When The Moon doesn’t thrive we feel confused and lost, searching for our place of belonging. If you feel lost it is time to examine your emotional nature and what it is that you need to feel safe and soothed. Is the way that you try to feel emotionally connected getting you the results you desire? If not, maybe you need to see why you believe those methods should work. Where did you get the idea that they should work? To swim in the waters of emotional memory and the ways it does or does not serve you is the process of rectifying your karma/life patterns and being emotionally alive.

Analysis will only get you so far in The Moon’s journey. The Moon’s path is beyond words and thought. It starts with a respect and adherence to the reality of the emotional self. That our emotions are shaping our lives some times more than we realize. Ignore your emotional make-up and it will steer you all over crazy town. Take the time to understand your emotional nature and you will improve your circumstances and your karma. The Moon will not be ignored for long, for if ignored you may find yourself repeating devastating negative emotional patterns over and over again.

When Tarot’s The Moon card comes up in your reading you may feel tired. This is your body telling you that your soul needs soothing. Your emotional and psychic side needs to take center stage at this time. Heavy strategic thinking isn’t likely to be the most productive path at the moment. Fulfillment is found in your feminine side, your receptive side, and in understanding of all that you have and all that you attract. Be mindful of indulgent behaviors that merely pacify your emotional nature without actually addressing what you’re feelings. Drugs, television, alcohol, other people or distractions of all sorts, should be taken in small or zero quantities. You need to feel to find the beauty and wisdom of feeling. Work with what looks most beautiful lit by the subtle light of The Moon, work on your soul.

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