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The Magician has found himself in a world full of potential and resources. He may have just begun his journey but he has become keenly aware of the nuances of his abilities. What lies ahead and how he may handle himself are the questions he asks when facing his open path. When The Magician comes into your life, he wants you to question your skills and how you communicate and share them. He wants you to question your general mood as a sum of averages. He wants you to question what you find intellectually stimulating. He wants you to state an expression of your spirit.

What is an expression of spirit? Easily answered: It is your lifestyle and all that that lifestyle encompasses. The Magician is giving you the power and permission to make a lifestyle as you see fit. You now have the power to make life an expression of who you are, not to live life as a passive passenger. Tarot’s The Magician says it is time to manifest! If you don’t think you have such powers of manifestation then evaluate your role/responsibility in the life you are living.

The Magician possesses every suit of The Tarot, a pentacle, a chalice, a sword and a wand held with authority. The Wand of Authority is his drive to set forth, to communicate who he is to the world. To carve out an existence that satisfies him emotionally, mentally, physically and fosters him in way such that he may learn and move forward. He is ready for his presence to be felt in the world.

When you enter a time of learning the lessons of The Magician, you are now ready for implementation of self. Intentions need to be set. Don’t lie to yourself or anyone else about your desires and who you really are. You are likely to get exactly what desires you communicate. If you go forth stating your intentions, you will manifest as you please. Evaluate all that you hold as The Magician finds his power with awareness of all that is his realm. Thoughts, emotions, skills and personality will lead you if you express these sides of yourself articulately. The Magician says, “State and express your vision! Set to work, feel the power of your existence. Set forth, create, now go!”

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