Tarot's The Empress Card

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What do you call your baby? That something which evokes a feeling of tenderness? That is something that The Empress is telling you to nurture. All that we want to see physically actualized, that which gives us joy in tending to here on Gaia, is the lesson of The Goddess Empress. She is the mother of creation and she isn’t in a rush. The process of it coming to be is as lovely as its being. Tarot’s The Empress feels the weight of her soul anchored into her body. She exists here in the sensual now. Yet she knows that the here-and-now is an evolving thing. She is participating in the process of earth’s evolution. She waits and senses as her love grows. Patiently and lovingly she coddles that which she wishes to thrive. She is the symbol of birth.

Wouldn’t it be so lovely if an idea immediately came to be? The Empress says, “No.” There would be little joy in a masterpiece being the first painting of an artist. There isn’t much fun in the idea of wanting a child and then having an adult child the next day. A seed does not bloom without care. The beauty is in the process, having the form take place. The Empress knows that the feeding and nurturing of that talent, of that child, is the real reward. The greatest creation comes from the smallest of steps.

Sure, many people believe they could accomplish many things, but they don’t enjoy the process of attaining them. The Empress has found a process she enjoys, a cause she can stand behind, that she wishes to commit to. She doesn’t start at the end, she starts with that which isn’t quite formed. She wants to make it herself. She wants to feel its need so that she may bring it life. Her affections swell as she fosters.

What is your project? Where is your heart? What are you willing to wait for as it slowly comes to life? It may be a business, a talent, or a literal child. Tarot’s The Empress wants you to plaint that figurative garden, for with love, it will grow.

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