Cardinal Signs

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Most people are aware of their Sun sign in Astrology. Some people have an understanding of their element whether that be fire, air, earth or water. Yet the quality of a sign seems so greatly undervalued or considered. There are three qualities, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Since the Sun is in Libra, a cardinal sign, and because the Cardinals are our leaders I would like to start this topic with the cardinals.

The Cardinal signs all fall at the beginning of their respective seasons, they are the signs that bring the character and quality of their season to life. Aries we find at the head of Spring, bold and coming to life. This is the time when we feel like our personalities come to life, where life feels full of new possibilities. Cancer is in the first month of Summer. The season that seems synonymous for forming new emotional connections. Events where large groups of people come together in emotional binding seem to reign in the month of July. Libra is in the first month of Autumn where we start to settle down with those we have made our emotional connections. We may begin to decide how we come together and settle in for a more calm and harmonious season. Fall brings more conversation, indoor activities and bonding over food, things that play into Libra territory. Last is our Winter Cardinal sign, Capricorn. Winter is no easy feat, survival of winter means that you have planned. Winter means not being flighty about the needs of the body and what that entails. We survive winter because we have taken pragmatic measures to ensure our survival.

Each of these Cardinal signs is learning to trust in their own vision. The course or nature of the Cardinals is felt in the element of the given sign. When considering fire/Aries we consider personality, freedom of personality and spirit. Like the flowers of spring Aries must reach for new expressions of life, and be fearless in doing so. The questions of taking a frightful leap is bound to continually confront Aries. Doing and not asking questions or entertaining doubt are where Aries finds strength and their leadership. When we see an Aries thrive we are reminded that growth comes from facing our fears. Aries will understand the strategies of going forth into the challenge. Aries will lead us through our fears towards our victories.

Cancer finds themselves bombarded with emotional issue. It’s true when meeting a Cancer I find myself all of a sudden revealing way to much about myself which is uncommon when dealing with other signs. They quietly listen and give me heed in my emotional needs. This is because Cancer institutionally is leading us to emotional maturity. Cancer is the classical astrological symbol of the mother, the one who understands our complicated emotional nature. Cancer is learning to decipher and lead in understanding emotional needs and nature.

Libra sees all sides in their element of Air which is social. Libra will find themselves continually pulled into the ugly or inharmonious. As Libra’s challenge is to way all sides in their disputes to find common ground. When expressed and explored the Libra’s gift gives them voice to all those with a dog in the fight. With elegance and grace they are able to convey the voice of the other in all parties in conflict. Libra has the gift of seeing all sides of the play at hand. Libra our leader towards peace.

Capricorns are our pragmatic leaders and the astrological symbol for father. This earthy Cardinal will lead us to the development of skill and resources. As father standing as a symbol of joy of craftsmanship that is essential for survival. Capricorn can show us the means to survive with gusto. The celebration to have in work well done. The peace that comes from taking responsibility for our own comfort.

Of course not everyone has flawless execution of their Cardinal sign placements. Where Cardinal signs fall in a birth chart can give some indication to where one has leadership qualities. At the same time this shows where one may be reluctant to take responsibility. Leadership is responsibility and one may find themselves overwhelmed with the task. One may find themselves within the superficial trappings of their Cardinal sign, obsessed with the external trappings of what it means to be successful in their particular element, Fire, Water, Air, Water. Bravery is needed to face the Cardinal challenge, and bravery is also its’ own reward.

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