The Tower Card

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Let it burn! Let it burn! While saying, “Let it burn,” may seem a bit insensitive to the feelings that come up when someone draws The Tower card, it is a practical reaction to the much needed destruction that this card brings. When this card is embraced, that which matters most will come gleaming from the flames. The Tower will destroy all that doesn’t bear weight. A cleansing by fire.

What you couldn’t imagine life without a month ago, a year ago, is being put to the test. A job, a relationship, a pattern of life is now being tested for its validity. In times of certainty it may be easy to ask, “Why would you want to hold onto the illusion of strength?” The test of strength isn’t a cake-walk. It can feel like everything is being taken from you. This is when I put on Jimi Hendrix’s Castles Made of Sand, for comfort. For now is the time of finding strength through adaptability and vulnerability.

Things that give you a sense of security based on half-truths are not actual security. With many half-truths The Tower brings total destruction; with few half-truths The Tower can merely feel like an unburdening. We all lie to maintain a degree of comfort. Lying is practical for survival. Yet The Tower feels like something more intimate than lying to your boss about why you were late to work. The Tower’s flames are more likely to manifest by you being fired from the job. The boss seems to drive the pain of termination further by revealing that you aren’t even appropriate for the chosen profession. Worst of all the boss is right! This leaves you feeling stunned and confused. The truth is that the job was a weight not suited for you to carry.

Any stress not worthy of your energy needs to be discarded. What and how you invest yourself is being re-determined. Live through a few cycles of regularly drawing The Tower card and you will find certain aspects of your life seem to be grounded in steel. Consistent truths remain and thrive through The Tower’s destruction. Reach out to those who see you as strong and give you strength. Consider how that which is lost is better gone. Know that something better is coming to be. Know that you are being re-routed with a greater truth to be told.

The Tower Card

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