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The Devil card is trying to draw your attention to what has become corrupt in the mind body and spirit. The poison in your soul is wrecking havoc on your life and maybe you’ve become so accustomed to it that you’ve hardly noticed. You’ve come to accept less than what you could be through limiting beliefs and often shame. The consciousness has become aligned with it’s most destructive elements, its’ fear, its’ pain, its’ doubt in its’ own capacity for innocence.

The surrounding cards give clarity to the nature of the corruption. We can discern if the poison became rooted at work, with friends, a relationship or within the family of origin and karmic sources. Regardless, there is work to be done in facing where this disconnect lies which separates you from the highest self. The part of you that believes your life can be an expression of your ideals. The conscious is aware of how the connection to the higher self has been skewed. There are some habits, some people that the inner self is screaming warnings of through neurosis, and emotional instability. The coping skills feel off and unhealthy, maybe even extreme, often causing more harm than good. There could even be bigger red flags in the area of mental health as I have felt for myself and as others have reported back to me. Depression and/or a disregard for what is going in and around the mental state.

Drawing this card does not mean you are ruined, even though it may seem dire. It is a call to slow down and reevaluate what is motivating you to move forward. You might want to circle the wagons with people who are tender and compassionate. You need support. You need love. You need to remember who you were before those things happened in your life. If you can’t remember a time before the corruption, imagine who you ideally want to be and face what keeps you from being that person. It’s going to hurt, but it is the key to your liberation. When you see the other side of The Devil’s lessons you will find more room in your heart for love and altruism, yet compassion for those who remain tethered to the Devil. It’s humbling to face a side of yourself that isn’t so pretty, especially when its been your driving force for awhile.

You deserve better and the world deserves people who’ve faced their worst impulses and came out the other side softer and kinder.

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