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This card is commonly one of the most frightening cards for a querent to receive. I affectionately prefer to refer to The Devil as Pan as opposed to the vilified devil. As Pan is an archetype of primal urge or for those who misconstrue his lessons he can represent one’s shame. Shame is greatly painful and ultimately grossly limiting. To meditate on The Devil/Pan is to consider your shame. Without consideration that what shames you controls from the shadows of your life. What is that horrible thing you believe about yourself? How has this conditioning of thought and being kept you from liberation?

If you find yourself having a regular occurrence of Pan in your readings this is a time to be asking yourself, “Who am I?” without certain rituals and beliefs. No one can grow without occasional corruption check-ins, it is best to question your beliefs and habits. Pan says your habits and rituals have begun to poison spirit, and connection to life is being hampered.

Music, nudity and overall physical abandon play a roll in the energy of this archetype as he represents the sensual expression of the joy of life. Has your sensual expression of life become something of secrets and obsession?

“You deserve better,” is Pan’s message. You have become enslaved. Question your freedom. You have entered the territory of panic, anxiety and depression, all of those feelings related to powerlessness. Pan wants you to face your feelings of powerlessness related to survival. You may look into the world and see that the power of the corrupt doesn’t seize to exist when we ignore its occurrence rather it becomes more powerful. It is best to shine a light onto the darkness so that it may lose its strength of influence. That root of concern which gave the power its strength needs to be explored and dissipated. Face your fears so that they may lose their power over you. Face your fears and you will find your freedom. Your will to survive mustn’t take your innocence.


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