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When people meet my chihuahua, Mr. Fuzzy Pants, they commonly say, “I don’t like small dogs, but I really like this guy!” My husband and I look at each other in response and say, “Libra.” This is because Libra knows instinctively how social life is done. While someone may not like small dogs, they do like someone who is friendly and treats them as if they matter, someone who is willing to consider their point of view, and most importantly someone who is pleasant. Maybe I’m reading a bit into Mr. Fuzzy Pants’ behavior but the results speak for themselves as he greets everyone equally in the room with warm acknowledgement. I admire and learn from his gentle agreeableness.

It isn’t just my Chihuahua and I don’t mean to diminish the goals of Libra as being something so simple that a dog executes them with complete ease. Human relationships are much more complicated. Libra’s mission is one of leadership. Leadership that will lead us to a place of peace and harmony. Libra is the diplomat or ambassador, as Mr. Fuzzy pants is to all small dogs everywhere. Fuzzy’s task is easy compared to the challenge of harmonizing human differences.

How does Libra not become overwhelmed in trying to create peace within human relationships? Well Libra can very easily become overwhelmed, especially when the inclination is to consider all sides of a story. This is where you find the infamous “Libra indecision.” Libra may choose not to choose or become overly concerned with outward appearances. Does something merely look lovely or is it truly an accomplishment in creating harmony? Ideally, Libra seeks the harmony from the inside out: the balance of all sides and angles. Libra can see the beauty and truth in every point of view. When this gift is devolved, Libra can, with eloquence, speak for all sides. When developed poorly Libra will become consumed in the superficial trappings of manners and appearances, where no real mutual understanding is had.

Ideally, Libra takes their gifts of hearing and understanding of different sides so they may be a leader in resolving conflict. Wherever Libra stands, in any adversity, they are able to speak for that side with charm. When Libra stands between two sides they are able to help the two sides understand each other better. This is the symbol of the scales and why Libra rules justice/law. Libra is the symbol for what is fair. When all points of view are considered a truth in what is reasonable becomes apparent. Libra is our mediator. When conflict arises, when someone’s feathers become ruffled Libra has work to do.

Libra knows the beauty is harmony. Libra knows that life is about learning how to get along with other people. No one does it alone and Libra knows that anyone who says they did it alone is not being honest. We are social creatures who survive and thrive because we have a tribe, a community. Libra knows that acknowledging and valuing each side of the tribe makes it stronger. Thank you Libra for making me feel valued and heard, you truly are the embodiment of pleasant loveliness.

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