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Truth is a many faceted thing. When you think you have a firm grasp of all that is reality: your journey is over, your wonder has come to a stop. When you think you know all there is to know, you are boring, no fun. The Fool knows that he doesn’t know, the Fool seeks experience. For The Fool the journey is about to begin!

Sometimes when someone draws The Fool they think the cards are telling them that they are stupid. Ignorant is a better way of interpreting The Fool’s message. Are there not things in life worth playing the fool for? Love? Travel? Education? A new business prospect? We walk into these circumstances with some degree of naivete of the road ahead, yet this is exactly what makes these experiences so essential to a fulfilling life. The days without wonder are the days of depression and rapid aging. The Fool’s message is that the learning doesn’t/shouldn’t stop when we decided to call ourselves adults. What is the point without challenge? What is the point if we never try something new?

The Fool has found something new and stimulating. The Fool has felt a spark of curiosity and inspiration. The Fool is ready for uncharted territory. The Fool is about to fall on his face and if he is honest the challenge will have him laughing in his error, and error is a huge thing for this guy! He is about to go through a lot of trial and error. But this is the type of trial and error that is worth the pain of foolishness. An open mind will help him/you keep your humor about yourself. It is about fostering your curiosity and drive for self-improvement. The Fool says, “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out!” The risk and mistakes are part of the journey and also offer the most exciting life lessons.

Sure some people will respond to your Fool life cycle with sideways glances. Your taking chances will not make sense to some, and some times your choices will seem odd to yourself. To some, you will find admiration and great support as they see your effort and will share your excitement. You may not be wise in your endeavor but you are in the first stage of gaining new knowledge, as new wisdom is gained with taking that first step.

Do you wish to stay where you know all that there is to know? Or will you take that step towards the wonder that struck you in childhood? That joy of discovery, that the world was big, weird and exciting place.

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